About Us

Hi there, I’m Rosalie W. Thompson, the hiking-obsessed mom behind HikerMomHiking.

After becoming a parent, I struggled to keep up my lifelong passion for the outdoors. I missed the trails terribly but found it so hard to get out solo.

I launched this blog to help others, especially moms, seeking inspiration to lace up their boots and hit the trail, without waiting for childcare or a hiking buddy.

At HikerMomHiking, I empower moms to seize those precious kid-free moments in nature.


Why HikerMomHiking Exists

I’m a hiker and mom myself, I know firsthand how hard it can be to keep up your hiking passion after having kids.

Even though you still love the trails, all the logistics of coordinating childcare and getting out solo can hold many moms back from the hiking they crave.

I started HikerMomHiking to empower mothers to lace up their boots and hit the trail, without waiting for the perfect hiking partner.

This is a space for moms, and of course anyone, to reconnect with the nature and activities they love, just for themselves.


How I Provide Hiking Help for Moms

With over a decade of experience as a woman hiking on my own, I’m here to equip moms with the advice and motivation to seize those precious kid-free moments in the great outdoors.

You’ll find tips on the blog tailored to solo hikers, like hiking safety, proper gear, and situations unique to women on the trail. I offer destination ideas for amazing views you can drive to and conquer on your own, with family and others.

Through gear reviews, hiking health tips, outdoor inspiration, and Q&As, my goal is ensuring you feel ready to lace up and go, whether it’s for an afternoon or a weekend trek.


What You Can Expect Here

At HikerMomHiking, you will find an empowering community focused on your needs as a hiker. I provide:

  • Gear guide with recommendations
  • Safety advice for hitting the trail
  • Ideas for local day hikes you can squeeze in
  • Overnight treks perfect for weekends
  • Motivation and mindset strategies when hiking
  • Answers to your DIY hiking questions

Don’t wait another season – those trails are calling! Grab your gear and sense of wonder…adventure awaits at HikerMomHiking!